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Our vast experience in applying the guidelines for durable houses, guarantees you a quality construction for each production stage, from the very first steps to the completion of your home.

This applies to all types of preconstructed building we offer. Specialized craftsmen take care even of the slightest details in our manufacturing plant. By adhering to the specifications set by the supervising engineers, they reliably complete each production stage.



The raw materials are certified in terms of quality and durability, and are put together during the production stages in order to achieve the best possible outcome in every stage.

For us, the end product is the best it can be, only provided that all production stages have been as successful as possible.

This is actually our main advantage, because durable homes are build step by step.



stegiOur company innovates by providing you an innovative tile roof made of reinforced concrete. This patented (Industrial Property Organisation, international classification, ΙΝΤ.CL7: EO4B 7/02, EO4D 7/00), roof provides you 100% safety because:

it is unbreakable
it ensures high resistance to extreme weather conditions (such as hail, snow, heavy rain and string winds)
it will not allow the infux of water
it provides energy saving since it comes with a 7 cm thick internal insulation.

... and of course it is delivered fully painted with the appropriate acrylic paint of your choosing.



     Our goal is to achieve the best possible design for our homes for the least possible cost. In order for this to be possible, our company’s experts vet the design of each preconstructed home looking at it from various angles in order to ensure every side is architecturally pleasing. The layout of each home is then optimized and embodies the features, elements and construction methods that will provide you with the best possible outcome, while maximizing your preconstructed home buying investment’s return.



Every aspect of the design and building process is reviewed in terms of construction highest quality and efficiency by a team of experts that reviews the design on behalf of the clients. Our preconstructed homes specifications can be modified in order to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions.

Rest assured that your home’s structural integrity as well as the material used for the manufacturing will meet all performance requirements. Buying is a skill. And buying skillfully is even better. An abundance of materials is used for the construction of any house, even for a relatively small room, and each one must be properly selected in terms of durability, aesthetics and financial value.

There are also many different performance specifications and quality levels. Making the right choice for your preconstructed home may not be easy even for professionals in the construction industry. Thanks to our 50 years of experience, we are able to guarantee the quality and durability of your home because...

We build your home as if it were our home!

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