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The company “IOANNIS G. KALLERGIS ltd” has been operating in the preconstructed houses manufacturing and installation industry in Greece for 50 years. Aiming to provide the Greek society with the best possible, yet affordable prospect of acquiring a home, we offer a revolutionary preconstruction method innovatively combining Durability, Affordability and Aesthetic Excellence.

Εκθεσιακός Χώρος (ΠΕΟΑΚ)The constructions in question are heavy duty monoblock reinforced concrete constructions, capable of meeting the needs and demands of modern Greek families.

We construct precounstructed houses as permanent or vacation residencies, for hotels, for office complexes, camping, bungalows, and even nursing homes, orphanages, physician’s offices, as well as other accommodation or nursing facilities.

We participate in all major exhibitions in Greece and overseas every year, which allows us to be the first to get to know the new trends and advancements in the construction material industry, and all new preconstruction methods. This way, we ensure that our preconstructed buildings are innovative and original.

The fact that our constructions are patented - the full study is approved by the Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works - is also a crucial aspect, that further enhances our reliability and excellence, placing us in first position when it comes to the preference of the buyers.

With 50 years of experience in the preconstruction industry, our company provides a wide range of preconstructed buildings, sized 24 sq. m. or higher, with constantly updated designs in order to comply with today’s demands and fully accommodate the needs of the modern man.

Εκθεσιακός Χώρος (ΝΕΟΑΚ)Respecting each area’s architectural tradition and the building restrictions as set out by the competent town planning authorities, our company ensures our constructions are fully harmonized with the natural environment and the traditional architecture. For example, we construct houses according to the island architectural style, as this has been formed in the Cyclades, the Dodecanese and the Ionian Islands, maintaining all traditional features of those areas, as well as preconstructed houses for the Greek mainland that are suitable both for use as permanent or vacation homes.

In this photograph you can see a metal cell our company
exported to Libya
in 1965.

ΕFurthermore, our company constructs and markets windmills for the Greek islands and coastal areas, which are true replicas of the traditional windmills that our islands once featured. The windmills are two-storied buildings that can be used as ancillary areas, but are also suitable for accommodation or rooms for rest, thanks to their layout that allows for the accommodation of at least four persons.

Besides preconstructed houses, buildings and windmills, the company also operates in the preconstructed churches industry, marketing single room churches sized 23-35 sq. m., as well as larger churches, thus meeting the christian community’s every need. The churches can be installed everywhere in the Greek mainland and islands.


Above all, our company operates under the principle of respect and reliability, both towards the constructions and the clients, meeting all of today’s human needs, while always offering top notch constructions that are friendly to man as well as to the environment they will be placed in.

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