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skirodemaOur company manufactures prefabricated houses made of reinforced concrete, according to the system of monolithic cells with specific dimensions (3.60 x 7.20 or 8.50 or 9.50), which are statically independent. By assembling the cells we construct a prefabricated house, according to our customers’ requirements and demands and attuof aesthetics in terms of volume and composition in the form of facets, such as a single building, and in relation to other buildings in the area.

The way our prefabricated construction is not different from the conventional method of construction, as for the construction, and for the static.

Each cell consists of the floor, which is made of a perimetric U 200 In the U200 trapped crossbeams to the short direction of the cell.

In the corners and in the middle of each cell, creating seatings support mounted construction columns which are at the corners C dimensional shape 40/40/25/25 and waist 40/25 slab, which in the finish associated with the perimetric post construction.

Our roof is made of reinforced concrete, and it concreted together with the perimetric post according to the conventional manner.

digi house The design and construction process remains in accordance with the European Standard Regulations (Eurocodes) for reinforced concrete design (EC2) and earthquake resistant design (EC8) and also with the NEW ENERGY REGULATION (KENAK) the relevant Greek regulations for reinforced concrete design and earthquake resistant design

In this way , we construct a modern building, with reference to the aesthetics, earthquake, economy and delivery time

Our experience in prefabrications and the implementation of regulations ensures quality construction in each production stage. Τhe Particular and experienced technicians in our factory supervise every detail of your construction, always applying the requirements of the supervising engineers, and make each stage of production reliably. Raw materials, certified for quality and durability, are synthesized during the production stages so that at every stage to have the best effect.

Because the final product to us is the better, only when all stages of production have given the best results.


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